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Calabrian organic hazelnut association

The Calabrian Organic Hazelnut Association was created to promote the product, its biodiversity-related peculiarities and its territory, which has a special vocation for hazelnut cultivation, and, therefore, offers extraordinary opportunities.

Accordingly, the Calabrian hazelnut sector deserves great attention, considering its socio-economic impact in the production area, and the role played by hazelnut groves in safeguarding the hydrogeological balance of the region.


Tonda di Calabria, a product to be protected

Protecting and promoting the biodiversity related to the local hazelnut variety are the objectives of the Consortium for the Protection and Promotion of the Calabrian Hazelnut, which is involved in the promotion of supply chain agreements aimed at bringing add-value to the Italian Hazelnut, and in hazelnut grove landscape recovery, in anticipation of generating experiential tourism in the perspective of integrating travel, territory, food and production for the development of a cultural and sustainable tourism.

Hence the application for recognition of the hazelnut under the Protected Geographical Indication label, in order to preserve the genetic heritage and biodiversity that has the potential to further safeguard and promote the landscape, and create wealth and employment in those communities ready to welcome visitors and engage them in memorable sensory experiences.

Meanwhile, on 25 February 2021, the Italian Ministry of Agricultural Food and Forestry Policy authorized registration of the Tonda di Calabria hazelnut in the National Ministerial Register of Fruit Plants as a “Regional resource of biodiversity to be protected”.

Francesco Rotiroti
Giuseppe Rotiroti – Presidente Associazione Nocciola Biologica Calabrese

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Initiative financed under the Calabria Regional Development Fund 2014-2023, Measure 3, Intervention 3.2.1 - Aid for information and promotion activities implemented by groups of producers on internal markets.
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